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Social Security (57) Family Scheme (20) Student Allowance (20) Acc (16) Citizenship (12) Parental Leave (12) Income Tax (8) Veterans Support (7) Rates Rebates (6) Best Start (5) Immigration (5) Social Security Regulation (5) Sole Parent Support (5) Home Help (4) Jobseeker Support (3) Super (3) Accommodation Supplement (2) Civil Union (1) Community Services Card (1) Disability Allowance (1) Incapacity For Employment (1) Marriage (1) Property Relationships (1) Supported Living Payment (1)


A claimant who has cover and who lodges a claim for weekly compensation

Weekly Compensation Boolean ETERNITY Person Orphaned

Engaged in full-time study or training, does not include full-time study or training in living or social skills

Weekly Compensation Float MONTH Person Orphaned