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Eligible for Unsupported child’s benefit

Social Security Boolean MONTH Person Formula Included used 0 times

Value type Boolean . Default value false Entity person

How is this calculated?

To calculate this variable, the following input is used


This is the formula used to calculate the value of social_security__eligible_for_unsupported_childs_benefit


This formula is used for scenarios from the date 0001-01-01 onwards. More info on formulas

def formula(persons, period, parameters):
    resident_or_citizen = persons('is_citizen_or_resident', period)
    normally_in_nz = persons('social_security__is_ordinarily_resident_in_new_zealand', period)

    age_test = persons('age', period.start) >= 18

    not_the_parent = not_(
        persons('social_security__is_the_parent_of_dependent_child', period))
    one_year = persons(
        'social_security__is_principal_carer_for_one_year_from_application_date', period)

    is_principal_carer = persons.has_role(Family.PRINCIPAL_CAREGIVER)

    has_unsupported_child_in_family = persons.family(
        'social_security__has_unsupported_child_in_family', period)

    return resident_or_citizen * normally_in_nz * age_test * not_the_parent * one_year * is_principal_carer * has_unsupported_child_in_family