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Has serious disability

Social Security Boolean MONTH Person Formula Included used 1 time

Value type Boolean . Default value false Entity person

How is this calculated?

To calculate this variable, the following input is used

Where is this used?

This variable is referred to by these other variables in their own calculations


This is the formula used to calculate the value of social_security__child_meets_child_disability_allowance_criteria


This formula is used for scenarios from the date 0001-01-01 onwards. More info on formulas

def formula(persons, period, parameters):
    med_cert_required_months = parameters(period).entitlements.social_security.child_disability_allowance.medical_certification_required_months

    return persons('social_security__child_with_serious_disability', period) * \
        persons('social_security__requires_constant_care_and_attention', period) * \
        (persons('social_security__medical_certification_months', period) >= med_cert_required_months)