Rapu Ture - Exploring the Rules

Titled Property

4 variables 2 roles

A Titled property represents a property that is owned by a Person or group of Persons.

Example usage: Check the number of individuals of a specific role: check how many persons co-own the property: titled_properties.nb_persons(Titled_Property.OWNER). Calculate a variable applied to each tenant of the group entity: calculate the income of each member of the Property: tenants_incomes = titled_properties.members('income', period = MONTH); tenants_total_income = titled_properties.sum(tenants_incomes).

For more information on group entities, see: http://openfisca.org/doc/coding-the-legislation/50_entities.html

Roles within Titled Property


The one or more persons who hold title for the property.


People who are not in any other role

Variables that you can set Titled Property