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A Family represents a collection of related persons.

Family entities are required for calculations across a number of entitlements including for example "Working for families" and "Paid Parental Leave"

A family can contain a number of roles, such as 'principal_caregiver', 'partner' & 'child'.

For more information on entities, see: http://openfisca.org/doc/coding-the-legislation/50_entities.html

Families can have multiple principle_caregivers but as each entitlement is calculated in relation to the Principle Caregiver it is recommended for modelling to create multiple family sets per caregiver to describe each scenario

Roles within Family


The one person who is the principal caregiver of a family.


Parent of children in the whānau


The one or more persons who are partners of a family principal caregiver.


The children of a family.


All other members of a family/whānau.

Variables that you can set Family

  • age_of_youngest

    The age of the youngest member of a family

    Int DAY Family Formula Included used 2 times